We have a wide fleet of aircraft, the rates include all costs, fuel and flight instructor.

Ronbinson R22 Betta II

Engine Lycoming O-360 4 cylinder, carbureted

Engine power 131 bhp

2 bladed

Vne 120 kts

Cruise speed 90 kts (167 km/h)

Range 500 km

Max endurance 3.5 hrs

Standard seating 1pilot+1passenger

Basic empty weight 880 lb

Max gross weigth 1370 lb

Rate in Oregon: $245/hr

IFR trainer: $265/hr

Rate in Spain: 370 Eur/hr

Robinson R44

O-540 6 cylinder, fuel injected

Engine power 245 bhp

2 bladed

Vne 120 kts

Cruise speed 110 kts

Range 555 km

Max endurance 3.5 hrs

Standard seating 1pilot+3passengers

Basic empty weight 1495 lb

Max gross weight 2500 lb

Rate in Oregon: $455/hr 

Rate in Spain: 560 Euro/hr

Robinson R66 Turbine
Helicopter MD 500 C

Turbine engine 250-C18

Engine power 317 bhp

4 Bladed

Vne 130 kts

Cruise speed 110 kts (222 km/hour)

Range 400 km

Max endurance 2,5 hours 

Standard seating 1 pilot + 3 passengers

Basic empty weight 1460 lb

Max gross weight 2550 lb

Rate in Spain: 850 Euros/hr

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