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H500 landing on platform
hour building
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Hour building
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If you hold a Private Pilot License you need to build up flight time before you can start the Commercial License or other ratings. The cheapest place in the world to fly helicopters is the USA and it is also one of the places with more aviation history and industry.

We offer time building in R22 and R44 helicopters, and you can log it as "PIC" Pilot in Command". Our prices include all costs, fuel and a safety pilot.


Remember you can pay as you fly and we provide accommodation and a car during your stay if you need it.

​You don´t need to speak English, just enjoy a flying holiday whilst our safety pilot translates the radios for you or explains to you the basic communication phraseology so you can do it yourself. Get comfortable flying in controlled airspaces. You can practice any kind of flight you wish: VFR, IFR flights during the day and night or even practice the flight maneuvers that you feel less confident about to proficient again. 

You could also rent a helicopter to have a fantastic day with friends and family, a picnic in a special place or a spin around.


Helicopter rates an hour:

USA:  (includes safety pilot)

Robinson R22 HP, Alpha, Beta - $205/hour solo; Instructor $40/hr

Robinson R22 Beta II IFR – $235/hour solo; Instructor $40/hr 

Robinson R44 Raven I – $415/hour solo; Instructor $60/hr

Robinson R44 Raven II – $441/hour solo; Instructor $60/hr

Robinson R66 – $795/hr dual ($695 for a block of 5 hours or more)

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H500 landing on platform